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We practise each week between September and April, and we welcome new members.

So what goes on at a practice night?


THE MEN practise on a Wednesday night at Writtle, starting at 8pm sharp for the newer men to learn the steps. By 8.30 everyone else has arrived, keen to perfect their role as the finest morris dancers in Essex. Halfway through there is a break, with everyone eager to hear the Bagman announce forthcoming events. After this short pause, they return to the dancing, until at 10pm, exhausted with their efforts, they stroll down to the Wheatsheaf for an abstemious sip of Oscar Wilde or Nelson's Blood.

THE WOMEN meet on a Thursday night in Great Waltham, starting at 8.15pm sharp and are so eager to practise that they don't worry about conversation. They listen carefully to Lynne's instructions and keenly perform several dances without any errors. Our first-rate musicians instinctively know what is required. Halfway through the evening they stop briefly for a cup of tea and a biscuit and to discuss the programme of performances.

Well, that's what we'd like you to think. Or you could believe that it's some blokes having a night at the pub, with a bit of dancing first and some women who fit in a bit of dancing between spells of nattering. What matters is that they are a great bunch (aged 16 to 60+), who love morris dancing and aim to do it very well.

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You are very welcome to come along and have a go, or just watch, and see if you'd like to join us. No obligation! Call or email first, to make sure that it's a normal practice night (details below). In the summertime, come and get to know us at one of our dance spots (see our calendar page).

07867 667756

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