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The Music

Morris music varies according to the origin of the dances.

Our music is chiefly played on melodeon and anglo concertina, both diatonic squeezeboxes which inject extra rhythm into the music. 

For Cotswold morris we limit ourselves to either one or two instruments in the traditional style, but the clog Morris has a big band,

with squeezeboxes, percussion and even a bassoon! A big bass drum is essential, and usually we have a snare drum and tambourines too.

Most of the Cotswold Morris dances have their own tunes, traditionally the same tune wherever the dance is performed.


Click below for the beautiful tune 'Idbury Hill' on the concertina and the three tunes used in the dance 'Basque'


Idbury Hill - Chelmsford Morris
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Basque - Chelmsford Morris
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