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A Morris Beast is a character associated with traditional English Morris dancing.

 It’s often a mythical and mysterious figure, like a

Hobbyhorse, Dragon or Unicorn, that accompanies the dancers.

These beasts are known for their playful behaviour, such as tormenting and teasing the audience! 


They’re part of the Morris tradition and are meant to be friendly, engaging with the audience in a light-hearted manner


Our very own beast is Aquila the Eagle.

This fabulous creature was hatched from a golden egg during the excavation of Roman Chelmsford.


He constructed a large nest lined with rainbow feathers and made Chelmsford Morris his home.

Like most Morris animals, Aquila is a greedy beast and he loves nothing more

than a snack of the finest English coins! so be sure to keep him happy

with some pocket change if you see him on your travels!

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