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A wide-ranging collection of music with newly-recorded tracks, unreleased tracks and older recordings which have been re-mastered.

Mick and Sarah Graves play two tunes by Greg Trice, one in a particularly fiendish but catchy 5/4 time. Liz Giddings and Roger Digby play two Irish barndances from their album. Moose’s inspiring performance of ‘The Band Played Waltzing Matilda’ contrasts with Steve Monk’s traditional melodeon tunes in old East Anglian style.

The notion of ‘something for everyone’ has never been truer, while the whole album will appeal to a wide audience.

Now available from at £5 plus £2.00 UK postage.

Our CD now available

Track List

1. Chelmsford Morris - Idbury Hill (Cotswold morris dance)

2. Mick and Sarah Graves - Moulsham Street Hornpipe / The Endeavour

3. Moose - The Band Played Waltzing Matilda

4. Steve Monk -The Duke of Marlborough’s March / La Russe

5. Issy and David Emeney with Kate Riaz -The First of May

6. Liz Giddings and Roger Digby- Joe Bane’s / Gipsy Princess

7. Chelmsford Morris -Medlock (Northwest morris dance)

8. Frances White -Two Little Girls in Blue

9. Capercaillie -Ned Kelly’s Fancy / Queen’s Jig

10. Geoff Harris -Blow the Candles Out

11. The Old Court Ceilidh Band- La Fille de Mon Pays

12. Mary Humphreys and Anahata -Tricky Dicky / The Liberation Polka

13. Bob Sawyer - Cock Robin

14. St. Monday - Portobello / Darling Nelly Gray


15. Annie Harding and Jen Conquer -Jock o’ Hazeldene


16. Martyn White and Danny Gallagher -All in a Garden Green / The Cotillion


17. Chelmsford Morris - Borderline (Border morris dance)

18. Capstan Full Strength -Dust and Coal

19. Cath Chandler and Nick Whiteley- Sally

20. Lyckerty Splyt -Step and Fetch Her

21. Colin Cater -The Dance of England

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